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Broadfork is the design workshop of Jeff Windhorst and a small team of creative individuals. We help select companies and organizations build hard working hand-crafted brands.

While the computer is instrumental in the facilitation of our services, Broadfork is principally a function of experience, mind and soul, with just enough technology to get the job done. The world is rediscovering "real", which is fine by us, we've been waiting.

The studio is located on a small organic farm, just outside Middletown, Kentucky. Nestled between the fields and the woods. Why is this important? The farm is our filter, it's also our think-tank. It's our daily dose of "realville" that breaths life into the creative product. It's true, we're farmers. We're also, creative thinkers, innovators and do'ers.

We do this (the studio) because we like to make an artisan product. It makes us happy and the humble pride we feel when we step back to appreciate the work makes the job all that much easier.

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services / what we like to do

Logo Design
Brand Story
Style Guides
Brand Books

Creative Direction

Brand Collateral
Advertising Design

Graphic Design
Signage, POP & Wayfinding
Sales Materials


Naming & Taglines

Themes & Promotions


Jeff comes from a family of creatives and entrepreneurs. In 1989, he decided to get serious and apply himself in the world of advertising. Raising through the ranks at one of the largest advertising agencies in Louisville, Kentucky. He quit his cushy corner office job to go independent in the early 2000's. and has never looked back.

His approach comes from experience, working with clients such as Target, Hush Puppies, Wolverine, Do it Best Hardware to Sullivan University, Joella's Hot Chicken, Boombozz Craft Pizza, Indiana University, Spade and Table, Copia Fresh and many more. Jeff is into utilizing a sensible approach, handcrafting brands that build marketplace value.

Not chained to a desk and computer, he and his wife own and operate Spade and Table Farm, an organic farming operation located in the burbs, just outside Louisville, Kentucky.  So now, he'll tell you, he's a farmer too. But, he's a farmer on a mission to build a brand and spread the word about good, clean food. He'll also tell you farming has brought a refreshingly clearheaded, practical perspective on building brands and developing strategies and design that stand the test of time. It needs to work.



the Work

Contact Jeff at:

502 / 296.3228

1804 S. Pope Lick Rd.

Louisville, KY 40299

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